From well known fast food restaurants, pizza to sushi, brew pubs to scratch bakeries to one of a kind fine dining establishments, Danaher has over 45 years combined experience building restaurants throughout the Florida area.


How We Work

At Danaher, we’ve seen trends in the restaurant industry come and go. But we’ve always come back to what we know best: hard work, impeccable construction, and dedication to your vision.

We rely on our experience to make sure your restaurant construction project is a complete success. With ever-changing International Building Codes (IBC’s) increasing the complexity of restaurant build outs, it’s more important than ever before to work with a contractor who is familiar with all relevant building and health codes.

Ask yourself:

• Do you know the difference between Type I and Type II hoods?
• Does the dishwasher require a hood?
• Do you need an exhaust fan or a make up air unit?
• Does this sink require a floor drain or a floor sink?
• Does your walk-in cooler’s compressor sit on top of the unit or is it remote?

Do you know the answers to these questions? If not, that’s OK- it’s why we’re here. The restaurant construction specialists at Danaher have the answers. And they’ll help you avoid delayed openings, lost revenue, and added expenses.

But how else do we set ourselves apart from other design/build restaurant construction companies?

Your Vision Comes First

Some other restaurant construction companies forget that your vision comes first. At Danaher we know that you have a plan and a vision for your dream restaurant. We want to help you bring it to life. Our work isn’t finished until you’re completely satisfied with your new restaurant space.

Throughout the project, from our initial consultation until you’re open for business, we’ll work closely with you. We’ll start by developing a design and construction plan that fits your vision, location, and your budget. Your space will reflect your vision, your creativity, your style, and your commitment to crafting amazing food.

We’ll help you develop creative solutions to any challenges that present themselves and help you get the most out of any sized budget.

Original Design & High-Quality Construction

Just like you, we start with the best ingredients. And when it comes to building out a restaurant, that means an original design.

We never reuse previous designs and don’t work from cookie cutter templates. You can be sure that every piece of your restaurant design will be completely original and created just for you.

When we’re building out your restaurant, we never cut corners or take shortcuts. Our work is built to last and built to live up to your expectations. We guarantee that we’ll always use the best building materials, highest quality appliances, and most dependable construction techniques.

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